Meet Our Cast of Characters

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Steve Wilburn

Writer / Producer / DIRECTOR

Steve Wilburn graduated with honors from Columbia College in 1988, with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Video Production. After graduation, Steve served as a sound engineer for Zenith/db Sound working on dozens of feature films, numerous documentaries, film shorts, and hundreds of commercials.

Fantastic Films International


FANTASTIC FILMS INTERNATIONAL, LLC (FFI) is a self-styled, efficient operation with a commitment to finding and distributing quality, independent films internationally. Our goal is to make FFI a brand that ensures independent excellence and maximum return to our international buyers. We accomplish this by acquiring only a few new films each year that are worthy of the “Fantastic” label. This standard also gives each new “fantastic” film the attention they deserve.

Omar McClinton


Omar was born on the south side of Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 1970. He started his entertainment career at 13 years old as a local commercial and industrial film actor. He has been featured in television commercials from ‘Kraft Macaroni and Cheese’, ‘Chicago HMO’ and ‘The Wisconsin State Journal’ to several industrial films for McDonald’s television and the Chicago Public School Board.

Beatrice Davis


Trailblazing, innovative and resilient are three words used to describe Beatrice H. Davis. Born and raised in Switzerland, she moved in her early teens to Germany and after receiving her bachelor’s degrees in fashion/millinery/fur design, she packed up her suitcase and moved to the USA.

David Bright


University of Michigan and DePaul alumni David Bright is an award-winning director of shorts, features and documentaries. He has been writing, directing and editing for many years, working his way up from low budget horror films such as “Mosquito” and “Legion of the Night.” His short film “Why Come There Ain’t No Black People in Mayberry” has been cited in several scholarly articles.