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Rod and Becky Nowlin retired in 2000 to experience the world by sailing around it onboard their 45-foot cutter "Mahdi." Occasionally they sailed alongside their "yachtie" friends, William Thompson and his moderate Moslem wife, Amna and their 47-foot cutter, "Merlin."

Rod's previous affinity for Moslems had already been waning but after the "Superferry Boat 14," terrorist bombing on February 27, 2004, which killed 119 seafarers, he was taking his prejudice out on Amna.

The sailing couples went their separate ways mainly because Rod was temporarily in charge of his attractive, wayward niece Jamee. He took her sailing to straighten her out and keep her out of harm's way.

After nearly escaping the Christmas Tsunami on December 26, 2004, the Nowlins sailed to Cochin, India to avoid the horrific aftermath. They joined a small group of yachts to take a site seeing trip through the Red Sea via the Gulf of Aden (Pirate Alley); even the Thompsons joined up.

While in Oman the yachties made sailing arrangements with their supposed friend, Abdul, the manager of the port where they docked. Abdul, who is secretly a leader of an extremist Moslem group, is offended by these Westerns' way of life; especially Jamee who turned down his advances at an earlier visit.

Tuesday morning, March 8, 2005, the Nowlins and the Thompsons have to sail through the Gulf of Aden alone because the other yachts are having mechanical problems. After they sail, Abdul makes a call to his Moslem brothers in attack speed boats, "Kill them all! And take the boats!"

At 4:00 PM two high-speed, 30 foot boats with four men in each race toward the Mahdi and the Merlin. Rod goes below and grabs his 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun.

The powerboats open fire raking the lengths of both sailboats. Bullet fragments give the Nowlins shrapnel wounds. Rod, stands up in full view as the pirates close in, ready to leap aboard. Rod fires three times sending rounds slicing into the wooden attack boat. The four terrorist take cover. Smoke pours from their inboard engine.

At the same time, Amna aboard Merlin hears William scream above the din of gunfire, "Take cover! I'm ramming these Rat Fucking Bastards!" William spins the wheel hard and the Merlin's bow hits the boat amidships. In seconds, the boat cants over and the pirates start shooting from their sinking boat. William throws the engine into reverse and backs away.

Meanwhile, Mahdi's attackers have reached Merlin's stern and two armed terrorist climb aboard. Rod fires twice, severely wounding them as they fall back into their boat. Rod fires again, hitting the driver causing the boat to steer in a circle.

The one unwounded pirate, a young African, steers back to the Merlin as an angry wounded terrorist jumps on board near Amna. The terrorist raises his gun to kill her, "Die, Infidel whore!"

BLAM! BLAM! Shotgun blast send the pirate over board. His listless body floats, bleeding out.

The young African stands paralyzed. Rod takes aim. Blam! Blam!

The young African opens his eyes and sees he's not shot. He looks at the smoldering grinding engine. It's on its last breath.

The yachties motor off at full throttle and disappears into the blackness.

Two middle-aged American couples do what many humongous ships, with huge crews can't or won't do; they fight back against pirates and emerge VICTORIOUS!

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