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Although film investment requires a significant tolerance for risk, the potential returns may be enormous. Today's independent film industry, especially in North America, offers individuals a unique opportunity: a chance to become involved with a dynamic industry that involves art, glamour, celebrities and premieres; while at the same time allowing investors the prospect of realizing triple-digit returns. Therefore, if you are interested in investing, we suggest using the same skills and intuition you use in making decisions on other types of investments, and join us.

The current risk of investing in a film:

  • "Today, because of the dozens of presales now available from dozens of worldwide ancillary buyers for film that never before existed -- US theatrical rights, primetime TV, syndicated TV, cable TV, video/DVDs, music, merchandise, plus all of these same rights -- foreign theatrical and ancillary rights -- to each of these venues in every country in the world -- it is realistic to generate significant profits on a film PROVIDED the film meets certain requirements, and adheres rigidly to a specific set of business principles."

  • "If these requirements are met you are better off having invested in a film meeting these requirements than having your stock in Enron, Comcast et al, or your pension in United Airlines or dozens of other corporations that will be dumping their pensions, or watch your bonds in the colossus General Electric fall to Junk Bond status."

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