About Us

Windy City Images is a production company dedicated to making independent films with Hollywood quality here in Chicago and the Midwest. All of the films we develop lend themselves well to Midwest locations, and are chosen because of their reasonable budgets.

Chicago has a very deep pool of talent and technical support for filmmaking; bound with a desire to create the best in independent film. Windy City Images is honored to be affiliated with some of the best talent and artisans in Chicago, who share time, expertise, and creative energy in creating cutting edge art. We also have affiliates in Los Angeles who graciously contribute their expertise and connections.

The mission of Windy City Images is to create films, jobs, and new opportunities for the Chicagoland community. As we produce our films, our goal is to stay in the Midwest and grow our business along with the Chicago film community. Due to tax incentives, state loan programs, and the Illinois and Chicago film offices, Chicago is one of the best filmmaking cities in the country.

Windy City Images supports our local politicians' plans to continue increasing filmmaker benefits in shooting in the Chicago area. With the advent of film incentives in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois, we are currently located in one of the most film friendly environments in the world!


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Windy City Images  •  Phone: (773) 965-5491  •  Email: wci@windycityimages.com
5030 North Marine Drive, Suite 1503, Chicago, Illinois 60640